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Autism Connect

Autism Connect is the UK’s first free social network for people with autism and their relatives. It allows users to connect with like-minded people, share their experiences and find local service providers. Autism Connect is an initiative of Autism West Midlands and was developed with funding from the Department for Education for the West Midlands region. Following this successful pilot, Autism Connect is being rolled out nationally with funding from the Department of Health. 

About Autism West Midlands

We are the leading autism charity in the West Midlands. With Autism Connect we wanted to build a space online, separate from other social networks, where people with autism can share their lives, stories, hopes, questions, thoughts and advice. Autism Connect is a place that empowers people with tools to connect to others near them, and create their own, smaller sustainable networks of support in their local area.

As a charity we use our passion and expertise to enrich the lives of people with autism and those who love and care for them. Autism West Midlands is a member of the Autism Alliance UK, a national umbrella organisation for charities like ours. Collectively, Autism Alliance UK has the largest concentration of practical autism expertise in the UK. We all passionately believe that people with autism should develop their full potential, and we believe that specialist autism knowledge and early specialist intervention are key to achieving this.  

Connect to Autism - Awareness Project

Together, with the Autism Alliance UK and its members, we are working on a national awareness project called Connect to Autism. This project, funded by the Department of Health, is aiming to make national and local organisations more autism-friendly. All venues joining the scheme receive free training as well as tailored toolkits for staff and are listed in the Service Directory of Autism Connect. Locations are encouraged to display the window sticker below.

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